Hair Transplan Turkey | Hair Clinic Istanbul

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world for hair treatments and transplant surgical operations. In Turkey, the average cost of such a treatment ranges from $1,500 and $2,000, while hair transplant operations in the US and the UK could cost up to $30,000. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons for visiting this country is striking prices.

During 2017-2018, an estimated 250 transplants were performed each day. Around 750,000 people have visited Turkey with the intention of performing this capillary intervention. Also, it is estimated that more than one billion dollars are generated by patients who come as medical tourists to receive hair treatment or hair transplant in Turkey.

A number of people who suffer from total or partial baldness are looking for the most affordable and best hair clinic in Istanbul, the cost of hair transplantation here is the best among other centers in this country and other neighboring countries. Particularly, this country has the highest quality and grade of the hair transplant, where people can find numerous centers or clinics that compete with each other in cost and quality.

It is natural that there are various differences between different transplant clinics in Turkey, as in other countries, however, how do you describe the reasons for such differences, and why this difference is between one clinic and another, it might be related to the race for attracting more clients and wishing to perform quality hair transplantation. Likewise, there some basic standards you have to understand and learn, as clients, in order to be capable of linking the efficiency and quality of the clinic with costs required for hair transplantations, these aspects/factors are:


Techniques: The techniques used in transplants vary from one clinic to another. This primary difference is in terms of embracing of some clinics on ancient hair techniques. The best hair clinic in Istanbul has advanced Nano-FUE hair transplantation technique with the most guaranteed result. So, most tourists that come to turkey and particularly to Istanbul seek Nano-FUE technique.

Hair clinics in Turkey use modern approaches and techniques such as the FUE method, which is adopted as a great alternative to “hair transplant fut” that had many adverse effects. The primary principle of this technique is the extraction of hair roots from the area of the body’s hair or the scalp by means of specialized needles and then implanted that hair in the bald areas. Moreover, other high-quality hair transplant techniques used are DHI technique and NANO-FUE technique.

Specialized Physicians: Professional physicians and hair transplant surgeons are other major factors that play a key role in providing high-quality hair treatment services for the most competitive prices. They use primitive equipment and high-quality transplant procedures. Advanced hair clinics with specialized physicians offer their customers with all the assurances to get the best results at reasonable prices.

The country is one of the leading players in the healthcare facilitation and medical tourism industry. Turkey is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for hair transplant medical/surgical procedures. The country has a large number of healthcare professionals who are highly educated leading doctors and surgeons. Here, the great news is that these professionals are well versed in English, so a medical tourist from any part of the world would find it easy to discuss his or her requirements, concerns, and apprehensions.

In addition, the country combines high-quality medical care with an exceptional holiday. Since there are many hair clinics and specialists, in Turkey a medical tourist seeking a hair transplant operation can choose from a significant number of medical providers depending on his or her pocket. Medical tourists seeking hair transplant can avail the following benefits:

  • Globally accredited hair transplant facilities using the cutting-edge and latest technologies.
  • Highly qualified surgeons/physicians and clinic support staff.
  • Substantial cost savings compared to private healthcare clinics in other countries.
  • Hair transplant treatment costs in the country are lowered by at least 70-80% when compared to hair treatment procedures in the USA, Canada, and the UK.
  • No waiting lists and fluent English speaking staff, translators, options for private rooms, private chefs, and dedicated staff during the tourist’s stay as well as many other customized/tailor-made services.
  • Can easily be combined with a business/holiday trip.

In conclusion, Turkey is a modern country with a fascinating balance of antiquity and contemporary of west and east. The country is increasingly emerging as one of the leading players in the hair transplant industry. For those of who are looking to have a hair transplant, believe us, turkey is your go-to-destination in terms of quality and affordability.