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You might have heard it before, but the Fue Hair transplant technique is one of the best-known hairs grafting procedures, as most people imagine it to be a great and definitive solution of their baldness. If you don’t know about the procedure, in this article, we will explain why Fue hair transplant technique is the best option available.
“Fue” stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction.” This method or technique consists of invasive transplant procedure that is typically performed by extracting hair follicles and then implanting onto areas without hair. It is important to know that follicular units or hairs are obtained from the areas with high-hair density of the person (donor) with alopecia.
The follicular units are always chosen by the hair transplant expert taking into account various factors such as thickness, resistance, and length. The specialist ensures that the follicular units are not affected by Dihydrotestosterone. It is a hormonal action, which causes hair loss in a number of cases of baldness.
It is worth knowing that this invasive procedure is typically performed by a qualified hair specialist who is both experienced and recognized. Since this procedure cannot be performed by just anyone, it likewise requires an appropriate/adequate space to accomplish a perfect hair implant.
In addition, Fue hair transplant Turkey is famous all around the world as the surgeons here possess higher skill sets to perform the invasive procedure successfully. This technique consistently and reliably yields successful outcomes in terms of natural-looking hair density/hairline and eliminates donor linear scarring.
Fue hair transplant technique is generally perused for the cure and treatment of androgenetic alopecia, which is also known as male baldness or pattern baldness. This genetic hair-loss condition cause balding of the crown, temple points, and frontal hairline. In this regard, Fue hair transplant is the best treatment to get a natural hairline.
Fue is the most optimal surgical option for patients who are in need of restoring their hair with scarring and minimal discomfort. It is considered by many people to be the most refined method of hair transplantation. For many Fue patients, the minimalized appearance of scarring or discomfort is the most significant benefit over other transplant procedures that include FUT (Follicle Unit Transplant) treatments.
With a FUT hair transplant procedure, a portion of the individual’s scalp is excised, requiring incision marks and stitches. In contrast, Fue treatment does not involve any incisions and stitches. It also usually has a quicker recovery time compared to the FUT technique. In fact, almost all Fue patients are typically back to their normal life activities the day following their procedure.
Another great advantage of Fue transplant is that the patients can shave or shorten their hair without worrying about scarring. In addition, many FUT patients choose to have the Fue transplant procedure to help conceal their linear scar from their previous FUT scalp incision. So, former FUT patients can also opt for the amazing Fue procedure if they any limited scalp elasticity following the FUT surgery.
Moreover, Fue transplant technique is a great option for individuals who are not good candidates for FUT, whether because of a soft scalp or minimal hair at the donor site. In such situations, Fue technique is widely used to excise the hair follicle units from other areas of the body. For instance, hair transplants from the chest, legs, arms, and back are sometimes the optimal and only option for certain individuals, allowing people to enjoy a good and denser head of hair.
Summarizing the main advantages of the Fue transplant procedure:
• It is a significantly less invasive surgery than the FUT with absolutely no visible scarring in the donor area.
• It is ideal for patients who like to sport short hairstyles.
• It is also ideal for short sessions and for individuals with early stages of hair loss.
• It is great for individuals with no problem/issue in shaving their heads
• It is the best option for eyebrow or mustache replacement.
Lastly, another substantial benefit of hair transplant procedure using the Fue technique is that totally natural results are obtained. When the post-surgery procedure is over, no one will know that they have grown hair, unless they the people commenting to be proud of it. The Fue Hair Transplant Turkey uses the most advanced and cutting-edge technological procedures performed by a qualified professional is a must-go for individuals seeking to get rid of baldness issues.