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Hair loss is also known as alopecia. It usually refers to the loss of hair from different parts of the head or body. This condition also causes psychological distress in some people. The most common types of hair loss conditions include male-pattern, female-pattern, alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium (thinning of hair). Hair loss can the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medications or medical conditions. Anyone can experience the condition of hair loss, but it is more common in men. Likewise, baldness refers to the excessive hair loss from the area of your scalp and the most common cause of it is the hereditary hair loss with age.

As mentioned previously, hair loss is highly correlated to stress. Both physical and emotional distress (such as a severe illness and recovery from surgery) have widely been associated with hair loss. In addition, it is possible that distress, stress, anxiety, and depression induce certain hormonal changes that are typically responsible for the hair loss because hair loss is known the outcome of various other hormonal changes, for instance, due to pregnancy, taking oral contraceptives, and thyroid disturbances.

Most hair loss conditions are not associated with internal or systemic diseases, nor are poor or imbalanced diet a frequent factor. Predetermined genetic factors may also result in thinning of hair. Likewise, the overall aging process has a profound impact on hair loss. Many male and female individuals may notice slight physiologic thinning of hair on scalp starting in their 30s or 40s. In addition, life vicissitudes, including emotional trauma, illness, protein deprivation, and hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy, and menopause may also cause hair loss.

A gynecologist, internist, or family physician can perform basic health screening. Specialized doctors such as dermatologists have a specialty in problems of hair, skin, and nails and may provide an advanced diagnosis of and treatment options for hair thinning and loss. Moreover, doctors also recommend performing a scalp biopsy. Sometimes, medications and drugs can also induce significant hair loss, for instance, cancer treatment including radiation therapy and chemotherapy significantly causes hair loss. Similarly, other types of medications called immunosuppressive drugs commonly produce hair loss in men. Complete hair loss after radiation or chemotherapy typically regrows after 6 to 12 months.

There are several ways for the categorization of hair loss. A Doctor fist examines the scalp to determine whether the hair loss is due to loss of follicles or physical destruction. If the scalp appears normal with empty hair follicles, this is known as the non-scarring hair loss. In contrast, cicatricial alopecia is a condition responsible for the permanent destruction of hair follicles. Non-scarring hair loss likewise happens in situations where there is some sort of chemical or physical damage to the hair shaft, which results in breakage.

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform a biopsy of the scalp to differentiate these conditions. Occasionally, a doctor may pull the hair to examine the physical appearance of the shaft as well as the proportion of growing hairs. This is known as the anagen phase! There are many options available to treat hair loss conditions, such as medications, shampoos, supplements, and surgeries including FUT and Fue. Most dermatologists recommend the advanced Fue hair transplant procedure. It is the most advanced and modern technique of hair transplant, is a non-invasive type that produces realistic and natural looking results. The success rate of Fue hair transplant procedure is very high (98%) when it is performed appropriately.

For a successful, quality, and affordable Fue hair transplant non-invasive surgery, most dermatologist recommend performing it in Turkey. Hair transplant in Turkey is currently the best option available for people who are looking to have transplants at the most competitive prices. The best hair clinic in Istanbul will offer state-of-the-art hair loss transplant facility to the patients, with high-qualified dermatologists, doctors, surgeons, and medical staffs that are equipped with latest and modern equipment coupled with technological tools to give you the best.

Among the transplant treatments, most medical tourists recommend the Fue hair transplant Turkey for its highly innovative and modern procedures. Here, the doctors make sure to implement quality procedures in an attempt to produce the best results with minimal side-effects. In conclusion, Turkey is the most important country in the world for hair transplant procedures. It is worth visiting there!