Mustache Transplants

In the case of hair loss or hair loss in the upper lip in men, the definitive treatment is a mustache cultivation. Mustache cultivation, hair follicles in the upper lip, which does not grow mustache hair follicles. Hair follicles to be transplanted instead of mustache are taken from the nape as in the treatment of baldness. For this, individual hair follicles are taken with 0.6mm punches by fue method. Then, individual hair follicles are transplanted in the areas with whisker deficiency.The hair follicles planted also retain their predisposed properties in the mustache area and the hairs continue to grow. Therefore, shortening of the elongated hair bristles at appropriate intervals can be done during the mustache. Hair follicles cannot be fed if they are planted too close together. Therefore, the sowing frequency should be enough to feed them. After the hair follicles are fed and the hair starts to grow hair (4-6 months later), if there is sparse mustache area, hair transplantation can be done again.

In the region of the mustache, scarring, surgical scarring, burn marks, shedding can be almost completely camouflaged with mustache cultivation. Only FUE method should be applied for mustache sowing because the results in FUT method are not satisfactory.


Beard Transplants


Beard transplantation is a method of tranplantation in areas where there is a small percentage of beard or a small amount. Although the method of beard cultivation is a method of transfer in the jaw or mustache area, we can say that thanks to the advanced hair transplantation methods, the method can be applied to the areas of the beard, the cheeks and the areas where the hair has been stopped because of the wound.he amount of hair root transferred during beard transplantation

Although the number of hair follicles needed in the application of the method may vary from person to person, 350 to 500 hair follicles for mustache, from 600 to 700 for an entire jaw region, from 200 to 250 for each favorite and from 300 to beard in the cheek regions. 700 hair follicles may be needed. Although not common, a second session may be required for some patients. At this point, patients have a much more demanding appearance of a beard.

Beard transplants procedure, such as eyebrow transplantation, is a method applied under local anesthesia, usually by means of a personally administered sedative. The transplant process usually takes between 2 and 5 hours. It does not cause any pain or pain in people. 5 days after the procedure is applied, the area around the hair follicles transferred and the hair follicles around the hair follicles must be kept dry.