Who can have hair Transplant ?

People who are older than 18 and who has no long term health problems.People who are younger than 18,can have hair transplant with parental permission.

How long does the hair transplant ?

Most of the time it depens how much hair you will get,but generally 6-10 hours.

How are the hair transplant prices determined ?

we have a set price policy so no matter how big the target area is, the price will never

change.The standard package 1800 euros-The Deluxe Package 2500 euros.

When will i see the final results ?

You will see the final results between 8-12 months

Can i grow my hair after hair transplant ?

Yes,you can grow your hair.

When can i shave after operation ?

We highly recommend you to wait for at least 8-9 months.

Who can perform the prodecure ?

It is a surgical operation that should be carried out by trained physicians in the field of

plastic surgery and in a fully-equipped operating theatre.

Can women have hair transplant ?

If they have baldness,they can have operation

Is it painfull procedure ?

The hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia. The only pain that may be felt

is when the anesthesia is applied.